Through my page you may learn about the principles of babywearing, different kinds of carriers, wraps and slings, contact me to book an individual lesson, sign up for the next Sling Meet, and choose to rent a sling from my Sling Library. Soon you will also be able to shop online for baby wraps and carriers in the first babywearing shop in Cyprus! Find out about the benefits of baby massage as well and see where you can learn this beautiful art. Keep calm and cuddle your baby!




Frequently Asked Questions

What sling is best for a newborn?

Based on the knowledge we have about the newborn’s spine and muscular system, the best position for him in a sling is upright, with legs bended to 90 degrees and out of the carrier, and the head supported by the upper edge of the sling.

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Will I not spoil my baby by wearing them?

Babies are born with a genetically programmed set of expectations and needs, and they are not limited to eating and warmth. The need of being physically close to the adult, in fact – the need to be carried - is natural to human babies and as strong and as important as the other, more commonly recognized needs.

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When can I begin massaging my baby?

Introducing touch can be started soon after birth, as the sense of touch is the first sense to develop in womb. Start with skin-to-skin care, which involves placing your baby on your chest to facilitate close contact between you and your baby.

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