Sling Meet

In an effort to promote babywearing around the island, and to get together with other babywearing parents, I would like to introduce a concept of a Sling Meet. These informal, free of charge meetings are aimed at getting together to share experiences and spread the love for babywearing.

Sling Meets are a place where you:
- can chat and learn about slings and babywearing,
- can get information about safe babywearing,
- can hear other people's and share your own experience about using slings,
- can ask questions you may have about day-to-day life with slings,
- can see short demos of different slings,
- may get a chance to try on slings,
- may be able to rent slings for a small fee at the end of the meet,
- learn about other babywearing resources

Sling Meets are not workshops or a safe space for in-depth advice and instruction/teaching.
Please contact me to find out about the next Sling Meet, or if you would like to arrange one in your area.