What is babywearing?

Babywearing is an act of wearing or carrying a baby in a wrap, sling, or any other kind of carrier, allowing the adult to have free hands. It is probably as old as the human race itself. In the past, letting infants alone in a cot was not an option as it was simply dangerous – due to lack of proper housing and danger from wild animals. On the other hand mothers were working and had to be able to continue doing so soon after giving birth. They therefore developed ways of wrapping a baby on them, usually on the back, to be able to work with their hands. At the same time, they kept the baby close, giving them safety, warmth and easy access to feeding – all that the small baby needs.

Nowadays, many parents are looking for more natural and instinctive solutions when caring for their babies. Babywearing becomes a choice for many of them, offering convenience and many benefits for the carrying person and the carried baby. With the variety of slings, wraps and carriers available, everyone can find what suits them best and enjoy the benefits of babywearing. As with anything related to our babies though we want to make sure to make it safe and correct and here is where my help as a Babywearing Consultant may come in handy.

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