The Benefits

Babywearing is convenient, comfortable and fun. It brings the parent and baby closer, helps them bond easier and deeper. Babies that are carried regularly tend to cry less, develop well and be generally happy. In case of colic or sickness, sometimes nothing soothes the baby better than being close to the carer. In the carrier, the babies get a great perspective of the world and feel safe at the same time. The correct position of the baby protects their spine and allows for natural strengthening of their muscles.

For the parents babywearing is a great help in everyday life. Not only it takes the strain off their hands, it may also promote a better posture and help get the exercise needed to get back in shape after delivery. It helps them get where they would not be able to get with a stroller, do what they would not be able to do without free hands. While wearing your baby your body releases hormones responsible for general well being, the stress level drops and you are able to find your way easier through the chaos of the first months with your baby.

Start wearing your baby today to discover how it can benefit your family – contact me for details and information.