Soft Structured Carrier

A quick and easy to use carrier, it has a sporty look and may appeal to Dads more. It is made of fabric back panel, waist band and shoulder straps, all secured with buckles (or a knot in case of a Hybrid Carrier). It can be used for front and back carries. Compared to fabric wraps and slings it does not offer same snugly support for the spine, thus is recommended for babies that can sit unassisted.
Beware that these carriers generally don’t allow for any adjustment to baby’s size – with the exception of some models where the back panel can be made shorter and /or narrower, hence being more comfortable for smaller babies.
Suitable for babies who can sit unassisted, up to the end of babywearing time (depending on the size).
Note: Most brands will claim that the carriers can be used from birth on, however I don’t agree with this statement. Ring slings and woven wraps are much better for a newborn.
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