Woven wrap

This seemingly ordinary piece of fabric is by far the most versatile and adjustable baby carrier. It is also the most traditional way of wearing babies around the world. Woven wraps come in different colours, blends (though 100% cotton are most popular for the beginners) and lengths. They can be used in many ways, on the front, hip and back. The key to the proper wrapping is choosing a method that will ensure the position of the baby is suitable for their age, and comfortable for the parent. In any case the wrap needs to be pulled tight around the baby’s body, creating a bandage kind of support for their spine.
While getting the hang of the wrap may seem difficult at first, and certainly requires some patience and practice, a lesson with a babywearing consultant will help you learn the technique and feel confident.
See a selection of woven wraps in the CUDDLEwise Online Shop, or rent one out from the Sling Library.
Suitable from birth up to the end of babywearing time (depending on the parent and the kid – from 2 kg to 15/20 kg)